Welcome to amg

Healthcare has been out of reach for 29 million Americans and unfortunately, the situation continues to worsen. At AMG Medical Group (AMG), we would like to change that by providing DIRECT PRIMARY CARE practice model.

AMG Medical Group was founded on the basis of providing high quality healthcare at an affordable cost to the many deserving people living without it. As a medical group, our goal is to ensure that healthcare does not become a fantasized luxury, but becomes, as it should be, an accessible reality to all of those in need.

To achieve this goal, AMG Medical Group has created facilities that are fully equipped in offering comprehensive medical services. Such services include, but are not limited to, medical, office-based surgical care, gynecological care, pediatrics, lab work, imaging, and physical therapy. Eighty percent of emergency visits can be taken care of in our facilities, and accordingly, we are available for urgent care during office hours and on weekends at certain locations.

The primary concern of AMG Medical Group is, above all, the quality of healthcare that our members receive. We follow this belief so wholeheartedly that we have crafted our systems of operation around it. The third party payer system has led to the increasing amounts of premiums and the misalignment of incentives between providers and consumers. We, on the other hand, make sure that the provider and the patient are directly connected. In such a fashion, we are able to eliminate the fraud,waste and abuse that are prevalent in the healthcare system.More importantly, AMG Medical Group’s clear approach improves the quality and delivery of healthcare by increasing our members’ accessibility to us.

We believe that AMG Medical Group’s model can be extended to other parts of the healthcare system, such as hospitals, specialists and ancillary services. Such a comprehensive model will provide the right amount of care to patients and leave no room for fraud, waste or abuse, potentially saving up to 50% of our current healthcare costs.

AMG Medical Group hopes to revolutionize the way the healthcare system views the consumer and we are doing so with you at the forefront. We are ready to rise to the challenge and change the delivery of our healthcare system.