Liberty Plan

AMG and Liberty HealthShare are working together to provide a comprehensive healthcare cost sharing program. Members who join both programs will be exempt from the Obamacare penalty. To qualify for this you must apply to both AMG and Liberty HealthShare. You must choose AMG as your primary care provider when you apply to Liberty HealthShare. There will be two separate charges from AMG and Liberty Healthshare. Liberty HealthShare will reimburse part of your AMG montlhy fee, provided you file a reimbursement claim. Please Click here to sign up for Liberty HealthShare.

As a Liberty HealthShare member, you pay an annual membership fee of $125 when you join and $75 each year thereafter. Then, every month you pay a “Shared amount” to Liberty HealthShare.

Covered Services

Monthly Shared Amounts
  You Pay To AMG
You Pay To Liberty
Youngest Spouse
Under 30
Youngest Spouse
Over 30
Individual $99 $149 $199
Couple $198 $249 $299
Family $290 $399 $449
Your cost after reimburstment from Liberty
Combined Monthly Cost To
AMG / Liberty
Youngest Spouse
Under 30
Youngest Spouse
Over 30
Individual $208 $258
Couple $387 $437
Family $609 $659

The amount of money that you are responsible for out of pocket expenses is also very affordable with Liberty HealthShare. This amount is called an Annual Unshared Amount. Once you reach this amount, 100% of your eligible medical needs are shared up to $1 million per incident with no lifetime limit.

Annual Unshared Amounts..
Individuals: $500
Couples: $1,000
Families: $1,500

Services provided at AMG do not apply toward your annual unshared amount. This is a savings of $500.00 per member per year. Best of all, Liberty HealthShare allows you to use any specialist you choose, only with referrals from AMG. There are no “networks” limiting your choices.

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*This is not an insurance