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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Insurance and the AMG PLUS Plan?
The difference between the two is that the AMG PLUS plan is a medical coverage designed to include the services provided by our medical groups plus discounted benefits administered by New Benefits.
Do you have Specialist care?
Yes, under the discount program. The specialties in the AMG Medical Groups are family practice, pediatrics, office based gyn and office based surgery.
Do you offer Dental?
Yes, under the discount program
Do you offer Vision?
Yes, under the discount program
Do you offer hospital coverage?
Yes, under the discount program
After signing up, how long does it take before I become effective and before I can make an appointment?
Membership starts on the first of each month. Therefore, the effective month is your choice depending on when you want to be seen. For example, if you want to be seen immediately your effective date will be the first day of that month.
Does the AMG PLUS Plan offer pharmacy benefits?
Yes, under the discount program
What happens to my membership after the twelve months expire?
After you have honored the twelve-month agreement, we will continue to charge your account unless you notify us to terminate it. There is no termination fee after you have honored the twelve month agreement.
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